BlueSky Finance
Mortgage, insurance and tax solutions for France


At Bluesky Finance, we strongly believe that a Company, regardless of its size, should have values to stand by. Our dealings with customers will always be governed by 5 simple commitments:


The service you receive from us is independent, it will never be aligned to third party interests.

Fair and open-minded business practices.

We treat our customers with consideration and respect.

Integrity and confidentiality.

We consider that our long term reputation and credibility is more important than short term profitability. Beyond being authorised and regulated, we pride ourselves in our unyielding integrity.

Clear product and price information.

We will provide you with clear product and fee information and will keep you informed throughout your dealings with us.

Great Customer Service and responsiveness.

We understand that you have choices and that you time is precious. We listen to your needs and respond quickly to your requests. Our advice will take account of your circumstances. Our interests with our customers are long term. We highly value new customers referred by existing ones.