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BlueSky Finance The French mortgage market is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the World. It is highly regulated and borrowers are well protected by French laws. Non-resident buyers account for about 4% of property transaction, and, over the years, High Street and Specialist lenders have developed specific propositions to cater for this segment of the market.

French mortgage loans are denominated in euros and are either secured against a French asset or guaranteed by a third party financial institution. Lenders’ decision put a strong emphasis on affordability and the sustainability of the borrowers’ income. French lenders do not have access to Credit Bureau information so it will be important to evidence that your Gross income is at least 3 times as much as the total of your monthly credit instalments.

Most French lenders will happily consider advances to SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) which are special purchase vehicles created to acquire properties.

A large variety of residential mortgage products are available including interest-only and repayment mortgages. They can be arranged on a Euribor tracker or fixed-rate basis

Most French lenders will require that Life and building insurance policies are in place before completion. Your mortgage instalments will be debited by Direct Debit from a French bank account which will need to be in your name and open before funds are disbursed.

Bluesky Finance’s raison d’être is to assist you with the purchase process. We can help you to :

  • - Determine in which country you should raise finance
  • - Decide how much you could borrow
  • - Search the whole mortgage market
  • - Identify the best mortgage products and rates
  • - Identify a suitable Life insurance and building insurance policy in line with the Lender’s requirements
  • - Negotiate with lenders and insurance companies
  • - Assist you with the application process
  • - Put you in touch with reliable and bilingual legal and tax experts

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Most French lenders require that their mortgage clients be protected for the amountof the loanthrougha life insurance policy.

Bank account and currency transfer

As your mortgage instalments will be debited from an account by Direct debit,