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Mortgage for buying a French property

BlueSky Finance If you are considering buying a property in France, you should always seek specialist advice from independent legal, tax and finance experts before committing to purchasing a property or signing a contract.
The first decision will be to decide how and where to finance your French property. If you already have a property in your country of residence, you may be able to raise money for a deposit -or the entire purchase- by remortgaging and releasing equity from this property.
Bluesky Finance is working closely with a panel of mainstream and specialist French lenders who offer a wide range of mortgage solutions to buy and renovate an existing property, Buy off-plan or Buy land to build a new home.

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Top tips

Agent fees will be included in the loan amount but notary fees won’t be
Life insurance is compulsory and can be taken either from the lender or from an insurance company
It is illegal for agents, brokers or lenders to ask for payments before completion
Early repayment fees are capped by law and will be automatically waived under certain circumstances
Make sure your preliminary sale agreement includes a conditional mortgage clause