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Buy to let and Leaseback

BlueSky Finance The French Real estate market is a well established asset class amongst investors. It has the potential to generate profits both through capital appreciation and through regular rental income.

Whether you prefer a short term or a long term rental investment in an existing or a new property, furnished or unfurnished, there are several tax deductible advantages amongst other incentives. Some of these incentives include interest and fees related to the mortgage, property renovation and maintenance, and council and regional taxes.

If you are considering buying a property in France, you should always seek specialist advice from independent legal, tax and finance experts before committing to purchasing a property or signing a contract.

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Top tips

The rental income you receive does not have to exceed your buy to let mortgage repayments
Buy to let mortgage rates are not normally more expensive than residential mortgages
A notary or an estate agent can help you assess the earning potential of the property
Interest only mortgages are available for Buy to Let investments