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Advantages of securing a French mortgage

Expatica, the website dedicated to providing news and information to the international expat community reports on the advantages of arranging a mortgage in France vs raising finance in one's home country.

Arranging a French mortgage offers several advantages when buying a property in France, especially considering the unprecedented low interest rates.

Non resident and expats no longer face barriers when purchasing real estate assets in France. Besides, French mortgage lenders have become increasingly willing to offer mortgage loans to both resident and non-resident buyers. This means international buyers can avoid remortgaging an existing property in their home country or paying a large cash payment upfront. Instead, they can take advantage of extremely low fixed rate mortgages.

International buyers can cover financial, investment or other interests with a French mortgage rather than using their cash savings when financing real estate assets in France and overseas. This can benefit international buyers in several ways:

i/ Leave equity on assets in your home country.

ii/ Maintain liquid assets available for any other project or requirements

iii/ Tax exemptions
Under certain circumstances, it is possible to reduce your exposure to wealth and property tax in France if using a local mortgage provider.

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