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French mortgages - best rates December 2014

The rates of French mortgages keep on falling. In December 2014, average long term fixed rates of new French mortgages reached an all time low at 2.38%.

The rate of French mortgage loan is typically correlated with the duration of the French mortgage.

A 20 year non resident fixed rate mortgage can be arranged for as low as 2.75%. A 10 year fixed rate repayment mortgages can be had for 2.60%.

Interest only French mortgages are available with a premium of 0.3% to 0.5%.

« as long as inflation remains below 2% and as long as the economy doesn't show any signs of recovery, the Europen Central Bank will maintain a very accommodating monetary policy, hence enabling European banks to access cheap financing resources" declares Amaury de Monclin, founder of Bluesky Finance.

In the new year, counters are reset and banks will be keen to acquire new customers and will compete for business. Non resident customers are advised to use a whole of market intermediary to secure the best rate for their French mortgage.